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I Photographed This Beautiful Woman Last Night

Every once in a while I meet a great person and get all excited at the prospect of photographing them.

That happened the other night when I was teaching an Introduction to Portraiture at the Cascade Center of Photography in Bend, Oregon.

The school proprietors: Christian and Regula Heeb, had arranged this model for the workshop and when it was time to do some demos shots of her for the students to see lighting, I thought: “wow”, this is a very photogenic person.

After the workshop she stuck around for a few minutes and we shot a few more images and discussed more shoots in the future.

I used two large light boxes and then some skin softening in Portrait Professional before a B&W conversion in Topaz B&W Effects.

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I’ve Been Working On The Railroad…with HDR

Grungy HDR is a lot of fun and once in awhile I have some free time (rare) to open images and just play. I took this shot in Nevada City Montana a few years ago after a workshop up there. It was one of many I shot in the NC area which is a gold mine (no pun intended) of historic buildings and artifacts from the mining days.

This old railroad car sat next to an old locomotive and a few other old cars. They were rusting and had peeling paint, and that makes them perfect for HDR or B&W with Sepia tone, or……? Let your imagination run wild.

The key to grungy HDR is Tone Mapping more than once and then what I have enjoyed doing is converting to B&W with Topaz B&W Effects and then using the Adjustment Brush to bring back color. What do you think?


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Images From Badlands National Park

I was teaching workshops in South Dakota a few months back and before catching my flight I had the afternoon to kill so I zipped out to Badlands National Park and spent 4 hours shooting.

It is a great park to shoot and I had a great time, albeit brief. I am also a big fan of Topaz software and processed some of the images in B&W Effects from Topaz. The reason i did that was because early in my shooting the sun was quite high and there was haze on the horizon.

When you have the haze it desaturates the sky and is not so appealing. Convert to B&W and the sky is a shade of gray and works much better. Here are some shots: (more…)

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