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How to Stash-a-Flash

I love to tell stories with light and do it with stash-a-flash technique which includes hiding a flash in the scene so that it lights a part of the subject.

This image of a rock climber is in my new book: Outdoor Flash Photography and was taken right before a thunderstorm rolled in. You essentially hide the flash with a remote trigger and in a place that it lights your subject but nothing else.

I hid the flash to light the climber and it worked well but some light spilled elsewhere and I show in the book how to fix that as well as how to add light to other remote subjects when shooting outdoors or on an adventure.


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My Image in Granola Bar Ad

One of the drawbacks of today’s stock sales model, the online one, is that you rarely see your published work. When my agents just send me checks, I never know who bought an image so I can go see the usage and add that to my collection of tears sheets.

Here’s one example. A granola bar ad running in Outside Magazine. It’s my kids backpacking and several from this shoot have been published. I just wonder how many more I have not and never will see. Oh well, I am pleased to have discovered this image.


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