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Romos ‘Rainbow’ Diner

This is Romos Mexican Restaurant in Holbrook AZ on a chilly rainy night. I titled it Rainbow due to the obvious rainbow of color but that is not an official name. The rain ‘makes’ this image so colorful with the color reflections. I processed this with HDR software first and lightly to avoid the Grunge look and then blended back some parts with the original file. Shot with a 70D and 24-70 lens.

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Doors of New Mexico

Nothing better than the SW and New Mexico in particular for amazingly cool and colorful doors and windows. Okay I now France and Europe and Mexico has them as well but I aint been there. This is near Albuquerque and while the wall is newer the door is very old and it just popped out as I was driving by and of course, I had to stop. I had no camera with me except my iPhone which still amazes me as to what I can capture with it especially when I gotta get the shot and dont have my Canon’s.



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Happy Snappin’ Photography in Cerrillos New Mexico

I love Happy Snappin’! When I am not seriously shooting (full pack of gear) I am obsessed with Happy Snappin’ with my iPhone.

This one from old store and looks like they sold a variety of weapons. You could choose an ancient weapon or a modern weapon. From Cerrillos New Mexico, which is almost a ghost town.

It has some cool old buildings and while Happy Snappin this old building I noticed this picture which I captured on the iPhone.


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A Photographer in Paradise: Day 5

Roatan Honduras: So by mid-week we were slowing down due primarily to an abundance of Caribbean Rum and the weather was turning rather stormy. It didn’t matter because when it rains or pours and it is 82 degrees, well so what?

West End Beach

We fell for Cindy and her small curbside cafe and that great ‘Caribe’ accent she had; “Ya Know Mon?” (more…)

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