The Totally Awesome Mt. Shuksan

This is a popular place to shoot for outdoor photographers and I was lucky to be here after a rain so I got some nice clouds and a great sunrise.

Nature… new best friend!

It is Mt. Shuksan WA and I shot with a Canon 5D and 28-70 mm lens.

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Look at Your Feet and You Just Might Discover……..

This is a small ground cover plant with frost on it from a venture through the Colorado Rockies.

The whole image might be 5-6″ across.

Shot with a 100 mm macro lens.

And they were all quite colorful plants of varying colors and some blue sky bouncing in.

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Photographing Wahweap Towers

This is one of the most amazing places I have ever shot! It’s part of Grand Staircase-Escalante NM, Utah.

The soft light is very flat lighting: no whites and no blacks, just light grays and dark grays, so you have to create the black and white. But do you need them?

Honestly, I struggled to find my ‘look.’ The original file has a blue cast from the blue sky above, so I worked that a bit: added blue/took away blue, saturated, added contrast, then took it all away. Today, I decided to do B&W and high contrast. Tomorrow, who knows. 

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Happy Snappin’ Photography in Cerrillos New Mexico

I love Happy Snappin’! When I am not seriously shooting (full pack of gear) I am obsessed with Happy Snappin’ with my iPhone.

This one from old store and looks like they sold a variety of weapons. You could choose an ancient weapon or a modern weapon. From Cerrillos New Mexico, which is almost a ghost town.

It has some cool old buildings and while Happy Snappin this old building I noticed this picture which I captured on the iPhone.

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Wigwam Motel on Route 66

Oh this was so fun! Drove through Holbrook AZ on our way to New Mexico. Stopped in Holbrook to shoot Petrified Forest and when driving through town we saw the Wigwam Motel. OMG–gotta shoot!

Came back at dusk and it started pouring down rain. Perfect! LOL. I did get pretty wet but who cares? I did a non-grungy HDR, then accentuated lighter areas by painting highlights in Photoshop, added a vignette, and a little more burning and dodging for effect. A teeny weeny bit sharpening. And I am done…for today that is.

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