The Ultimate Photography Bundle is here and it is AMAZING!

This is mind blowing! The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle is probably the best photography bundle of training products I have seen. This summer’s bundle includes three editions – Beginner, Intermediate and Business and contains a varied collection of high quality ebooks, video training and software, from world class instructors.

The prices are AMAZING as well with Beginner’s Edition is $37, the Intermediate is $67 and the Business Edition is $97.

All products come from world class photographers like Alistair Benn, Andrew Gibson, Katie Evans, David Nightingale, Zack Arias, Lindsay Adler, Gavin Gough, Scott Wyden Kivowitz, ME, and many more.

There is a ton of stuff in this bundle but you should know the bundles and bonus downloads are only available for the NEXT SEVEN DAYS so don’t wait.

The Beginners Bundle – $37

This bundle includes a collection of beginning photography ebooks and tutorials on subjects like composition, outdoor flash photography, mastering your camera and a whole range of other topics. They include:

• Beginner Nikon Digital SLR (DSLR) Photography
• Beginner Canon Digital SLR (DSLR) Photography
• Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography
• Bokeh: Creating with Shallow Depths from Christopher O’Donnell Photography
• Shooting Shallow: Understanding Depth of Field
• Metadata: Your Gift to the Future
• The Photographer’s Workflow
• iPhone Only Photography
• The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer
• A Practical Guide to Exposure
• Tasty Food Photography
• Eat Pretty Things
• The Unexpected Everyday
• Powerful Imagery: The Photographer’s Insight from Eye Voyage
• Seeing the Light: Making the Most of Available Light and Minimal Equipment
• Time Is On Your Side: Exploring Long Exposure Photography
• Outdoor Flash Photography with Printable Pocket Guide from Charlie Borland Photography
• Shooting in Manual Mode

The value of this bundle is $555 but you can get the Beginner’s Edition for $37

If you want to know more about the Beginners Bundle click here.

The Intermediate Bundle -$67

The Intermediate Bundle is a collection of video courses and ebooks as well as some software for intermediate photographers. Here you will find information on natural light, long exposure, depth of field, outdoor lighting, and a whole lot more. The value of this bundle is $1157 and includes everything from the Beginners Bundle as well, but you can get it this week for just $67.

Here is a detailed description of the items includedin the Intermediate Bundle of 36 high quality products for just $67!

• Mastering Lightroom: Book One – The Library Module from Andrew Gibson
• Mastering Lightroom: Book Two – The Develop Module from Andrew Gibson
• Mastering Lightroom: Book Three – Black & White from Andrew Gibson
• Mastering Lightroom: Book Four – The Photos from Andrew Gibson
• Mastering Lightroom: Book Five – The Other Modules from Andrew Gibson
• The Art of Black and White Photography Chromasia
• Golden Hours: Photographing the Light of Sunrises and Sunsets Christopher O’Donnell
• Time Passages: Long Exposure Photography Strategies and Techniques from Richard Bernabe -
• OneLight 2.0 from Zack Arias at DEDPXL
• A Complete Guide to Seascape Photography from Alister Benn
• Creative Texture Work from 2 Lil’ Owls Studio
• Awry Fine Art Textures from 2 Lil’ Owls Studio
• Ancient Times Fine Art Textures from 2 Lil’ Owls Studio
• Cahoots Fine Art Textures from 2 Lil’ Owls Studio
• Photoshop Paper Texture Collection from SLR Lounge
• Scott Wyden Kivowitz Photography Processing Presets
• Photo Essentials: Exposure Guide from Key to Pictures
• Start to Finish from Kim Klassen

If you want the Intermediate Bundle click here

The Business Bundle – $97

The Business Edition is for those who are Pro, or going Pro. Learning includes subjects on the fashion, creative lighting, industry, marketing, and more than I can list here. The content in this bundle is valued at over $2500 but you can grab your copy now for just $97. Again, the Business Bundle contains all of the Beginner and Intermediate versions.

The value of the Business Bundle is almost $2,500 but you pay $97

• Adobe Lightroom Advanced from Available Light Images
• Cost-Free Marketing Guide from Zach & Jody Gray
• Marketing: Client Consultations from Zach & Jody Gray
• Marketing: Pricing Guide from Zach & Jody Gray
• DEDPXL Presents John Keatley from Zack at DEDPXL
• Print Release from The Law Tog
• Terms of Use Template from The Law Tog
• Photography Business and Client Forms (15 piece set) from Little Sweet Designs
• The Fashion Posing Guide from Lindsay Alder Photography
• Illustrated Storyboards – Wildflowers Themed Series from Digital Eye Candy
• Deluxe Web Marketing Kit from Deluxemodern Brand + Styling Studio
• All About Minis: The Pricing & Printables from WordSmith for Photographers
• All About Minis: The Behind-the-Scenes Peek from WordSmith for Photographers
• Studio Lighting Guide from Lindsay Alder Photography
• Canon EOS 5D Mark III Viewfinder Mockup Tool from Martin Bailey Photography K.K
• Newborn Studio Welcome Magazine Template from Little Sweet Designs
• The Key to Natural Posing from Key to Pictures
• Videography 101 from Light Inspired
• Photographers Wedding Welcome Packet from Velvet Owl Photography
• Family & Child Portrait Photography Magazine Template from Paper Lark Designs
• Photo Overlays – Marketing Volume 1 from Click & Blossom
• Rethinking Commercial Photography: Growing Your Photography Business with Small • Business Partnerships from Sticky Albums

The Business Bundles also includes bonus downloads:

• FREE choice of a premium video photography course from (up to $50)
• FREE three-month subscription to the Light Inspired Women’s Photography Forum
• FREE marketing set of your choice from the Seaside Creative collection ($75 value)
• $20 gift certificate toward any SpinLight 360 Package
• $15 gift certificate to Lightscoop (for pro-like photos with your built-in flash)
• $15 gift certificate to Porteen Gear (where you can buy custom-made, stylish and functional camera bags and gear)
• x4 FREE Volumes of Clarity Magazine – including video tutorials from top photography educators
• FREE FX Photo Studio Pro PLUS Snapheal Pro AND Intensify Pro software from • • MacPhun which will help to give you a vast number of ultra-powerful adjustments for your photos (combined value $129.97)
• If you want to know more about the Pro Business Bundle click here.

If you are interested in the Business Bundle click here.

And remember: it’s on sale for this week only – until Monday, June 29,
2015 at Midnight! After that, it’s gone for good!

You can buy with complete confidence because you’re covered by the Ultimate Bundles 30-day money-back guarantee. That means you have a full month to try out all the ebooks and video courses in the bundle, and
if you don’t think they justify the price or they weren’t what you were hoping for, you can get a full refund.

Keep Shooting!


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Photographing When I Am Not Photographing

Like most photographers, I plan my photo shoots whenever it suits me or whenever I must, like an assignment. The rest of the time that big camera bag is tucked away.

I have heard over and over during my career, that successful photographers always have a camera with them and I sure remember many times I wished I had my camera with me. The thought of always having my dslr with me did not sit well in my mind as I did not always want a camera slung over my shoulder except during a photo outing.

A intentional photographic foray, with the gear, is a conscious effort to go hunt for visual prey.  For me it is intensive effort to dig deep and go far with my imagination and imagery. I leave everything behind and immerse myself in a world where I tune out most thoughts and focus specifically on what is around me. This is why I, and probably you, shoot.  It’s like another magical world.

I am not always able to put in that effort during normal days/weeks due to ‘life’. Eventually I reach a point where I obsess over my need to ‘go shoot’ and so I do. But in-between those shoots when I am out and about without my gear, in the outdoors or wherever,  I have that smartphone to satisfy the need to create even one image.

Not that my smartphone is anywhere close to being a replacement for my dslr,  but I can shoot when I see a worthy subject no matter where I am. In fact, I am a ‘happy snappin’ addict now. I am thrilled with the simplicity of just snappin’ without all the setup of my gear and the change to find and capture is just as exciting as it is with my dslr in the field.


So this photo is one such image captured when we walked across into Mexico a few months ago. These colorful chairs in an outdoor cafe made a great design with a mix of colors and it has the impact I like in my photos.  I zoomed with the iPhone and then processed it with the Mix app.

I submitted it to my stock agencies smartphone image library as well but it was rejected due to no photo release. Hmmm? :)

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Rainbow Rock

Captured on a desert hike in March, this was shot with my iPhone in the middle of the day. I was really attracted to the varied color in the rock. There are many places on the planet with colorful rock like this, and I think they are very photogenic and make great photos. This was captured in Western Arizona.

My approach is all about color and not about great light because it is not that great, rather composing based on those lines and cracks and the colors.


I opened in in Photoshop and added some contrast. While the sun was out and there was lots of lighting contrast, the light was flat and that is the reason I punched up contrast slightly. Then because it is all about color, I added a small amount of saturation to make the colors pop some more.

If you want to learn more about selling photography, check out my online class: How to Be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer.


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There are Marketable Photos Everywhere

If you are in the business of marketing your photography, then you no doubt are always on the lookout for great images that are marketable. What makes a marketable image? One that is strong on concept! So why would this be marketable? Because it exemplifies the concept of Drought, Lack of Water or Water Shortage, and more.

I was really surprised to stumble on this and it is one of the best examples I have come across for good cracked mud. In fact it might be the best example of cracked mud I have captured and I say this due to how large the cracks were and how deep they were in the mud. But better yet, you may be surprised where I found this.


It’s not in the middle of some desert wash or a slot canyon in Utah, but instead a storm water collection ‘system’ in Yuma, Arizona. I was out for a long hike/walk with my wife and dog, following a bike/walking path when I happened to look inside this water collection basin.

It is about the size of a football field and completely enclosed to prevent access. When the monsoon rains come the flowing water collects in here and slowly dissipates, and I guess that keeps the water from flooding streets and neighborhoods. I am guessing after years of collecting that water it has accumulated about 1 foot of silt or mud so when the rains stop, it dries out and created this.

I had my iPhone (as always) and stuck my hand and phone through metal fence and began going crazy clicking away and this is one of many results. I captured various different perspectives that all used the lines flowing in various directions. I will definitely be sending this to my stock photo agent.

So the lesson is to always have a camera with you no matter what. You may just discover something unique and marketable.

If you want to learn more about selling photography, check out my online class: How to Be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer

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The Amazing Colors of Mexico

The colors of Mexico always amaze me as they are pretty much everywhere. Saturday we walked into Los Algadones, MX for the Gringos Go Home celebration. I should mention: that is not what it sounds like.

Yuma, AZ is the highest rated Snowbird destination during the North American winters and Los Algadones is right across the border from Winterhaven, CA, a few minutes from Yuma. So you can see the importance of Snowbirds to Los Algadones and their economy.

They local community is so appreciative of winter visitors they put on the Gringos Go Home party on Saturday where there was festive music, free beer, and free food. It was great!

Like other locations in Mexico, Los Algadones is quite colorful and perfect for my obsession with iPhone ‘Happy Snappin.’ As I wandered the streets I was not disappointed. That led me to this wall tucked in between street vendors.


I love these types discoveries and the photos I create of them. The vendor next to this mentioned that the wall was 30 years old and hand prints had been added over the years by school children. It is a great story, but the wall says it all to me.

This file is from my iPhone and I then used Adobe Photoshop Mix (the app) to add contrast (make the whites whiter and darks darker) and added some saturation and slight sharpening.
Viva Mexico!

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