Today we went to West Bay and we got there by water taxi. A much faster route then the road and more adventurous as well.

Water Taxi

The ride took maybe 10 minutes and you get to see some really nice homes along the way.

Beautiful Beachfront

West Bay has the best beach on the island and white powder sand.

Entering West Bay

They dropped us on the dock in font of Infinity Bay, a luxurious resort.

West Bay

We took a quick peek and moved on.

Infinity Bay Beach

The plants continue to be awesome.


And the flowers…

No idea what this is.

The temperature since we arrived has been about 85 degrees and sticky. Most of my life, like the time I was on assignment for three months in the South (GA, FL, AL, SC, NC) and in my non-air conditioned camper, I could not deal with the humidity. Now I aint so young and am loving it.To deal with the heat, well, a couple Mojitos.

Emergency Care

And some of the most delicious shrimp ever.


As usual all good things come to an end and it was time to head back. Capt. Brooks was right there so we signed on. But when I saw the boat I started humming the Gilligan’s Island song:

Just sit right back
And you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful trip,
That started from this tropic port,
Aboard this tiny ship………

…..So this is the tale of our castaways,
They’re here for a long long time.
They’ll have to make the best of things…..

The Minnow?

No phone, no lights, no motor car,
Not a single luxury
Like Robinson Crusoe
It’s primitive as can be.

I am dreaming it………………………

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