Today we went to Carambola Gardens, a lush tropical jungle park with flowers, palms, hummingbirds, and forest creatures.

Alfredo was our water taxi and we got more than just a ride. He talked about the water, the island, and then guided us to through the gardens.

From a video

The first place he took us to in Sandy Bay was the dolphin adventure. For $100 you can swim with them and we arrived as they were being fed.

Then we arrived at Anthony’s Key Resort, a popular dive resort on Roatan. I found my house right away. We docked there and walked across the street to the gardens.

The first thing we noticed was the weather rock. This thing really works.

I had never been in a tropical jungle like this and it was fascinating.

One of the first things I spotted was a gecko.

Then the flowers and I went nuts with the camera as best I could with a point and shoot.

They had hummingbird feeders and the birds were thick, but impossible to photograph with a point and shoot camera.

We spent one more day on Roatan before heading home. It was a beautiful place and we had a great time and met amazing people. A must visit for those who like tropics and Latin America.

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