We arrived in Roatan about 36 hours ago and jumped right into checking out the scenery, food, a few bars, and meeting other ex-pats. So far it has all been wonderful and we haven’t seen anything yet.

The people or ‘islanders’ are very friendly and the non-islanders as well. I find this interesting as an American, when you walk down the sidewalk, few people greet you. Neither do I. Everybody’s on a mission. Here everybody greets you for the most part.

While there are some who push their wares on you, it is nowhere near as bad as Cancun and other places. I understand how they need to make a living and I would be happy to oblige if I need something.

We would like to stay here for more than the 9 days we have, like a few months. Warm winters! Why? A slower, cheaper, and more relaxed place to live. In fact, I have researched Roatan and Central America living for a few years. Will we do it? We will probably know by the end of this trip.

Here is the view of Half Moon Bay from our condo.

This gorgeous iguana came right up this cactus and sunbathed for at least half the day. Not sure what kind it is as i searched Iguanas and this one with its shiny skin does not look like any pictures I can find.

More to come!