When somebody doesn’t know a lot about the work which goes into photography, they will often trivialise a photographer’s work and claim that what they do for a living and as a passion is not artistic, creative or even remotely difficult. This very same ignorance is the reason people wonder why the pictures they take outside, never equal the quality they casually produce indoors, or vis versa. The reason is, indoor and {outdoor photography} are two completely separate styles of photography, with their own rules and complications.

This is why photographers tend to specialise in a specific type. If you were a poker player who had been honing your skills for years on the da.PartyPoker.com website, are you necessarily going to be as good at Omaha poker as you are Texas Hold’em? The answer is no, because you favour one over the other, and you will always focus on the type of poker which plays to your strengths. It’s exactly the same with photography. Some of us found we were passionate about shooting the landscape while on a trip outside Copenhagen in Denmark, bringing out the beauty of nature with certain angles, {shutter speeds} and effects. Others feel more capable to create something beautiful out of the indoor world.

There are pros and cons to shooting both indoors and outdoors. Indoor photography is favoured by those of us who prefer to have control over their environment. A studio set-up gives you complete reign over the lighting of the shot etc. When in a venue or a home, the photographs are more natural than a studio, but the photographer still has a steady unchangeable environment to work from. Photographing the outdoors on the contrary is a little more exciting and unpredictable. There’s never any guarantee the weather, the living things or the lighting will stay exactly as you want them, so outdoor photographers have to be more adaptable.

In conclusion, it might be easier for an indoor photographer to work within a casino in Denmark, where their only duty is to snap photos of a group of the Danes sat around the poker table, occasionally pushing their chips forward or passing a card, but there’s more excitement to the unknown and eventful outdoors. It may be a challenge to wait until the lighting is right and adjust accordingly, but the end result is satisfying.

Still, to each their own.


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