I am pleased to find I won a Bronze Award in the Epson International Pano Awards.

Actually, I learned of it a few weeks ago, but just now having time to mention it.

A Bronze!

Gold-Silver-Bronze. That’s third place! Awesome!

I wonder what prize I won so I logged onto the site to determine whether I got a free camera, lens, printer, or whatever.  I came away with a smile on my face and was chuckling.

If I was an Olympian my Bronze would be third place and I would stand on the podium with the Gold and Silver winners. I can’t wait!

I logged into the website to look for my Bronze winning image but there are at least fifty other worthy winners ahead of me and their images are on the site. Bronze is apparently not third place and a review of the fine prints confirms that.

Like most photographers I enter an occasional contests to hopefully have my work viewed by others and applauded or critiqued. Nothing more!

Oh well, I am still a winner and I will gladly use this honor as a credit on my resume: Winner of a Bronze Award in the Epson Int’l Pano Awards and that will be reward enough.

Since I cannot send you to view the wining image on their site, here it is on mine: