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Outdoor Portrait with Justine

1o days ago or so, I taught outdoor portrait lighting techniques at the Cascade Center of Photography in Bend, Oregon. I demonstrated multiple techniques including reflectors, diffusion panels, and wireless flash.


We went to a location where there was a field of wildflowers that we could use as a background, or in this case, our entire scene. Our model here is Justine and she was gracious enough to kneel in the flowers on a small trail that goes through the field.


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Indoor vs Outdoor Photography

When somebody doesn’t know a lot about the work which goes into photography, they will often trivialise a photographer’s work and claim that what they do for a living and as a passion is not artistic, creative or even remotely difficult. This very same ignorance is the reason people wonder why the pictures they take outside, never equal the quality they casually produce indoors, or vis versa. The reason is, indoor and {outdoor photography} are two completely separate styles of photography, with their own rules and complications. (more…)

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