Roatan Honduras: So by mid-week we were slowing down due primarily to an abundance of Caribbean Rum and the weather was turning rather stormy. It didn’t matter because when it rains or pours and it is 82 degrees, well so what?

West End Beach

We fell for Cindy and her small curbside cafe and that great ‘Caribe’ accent she had; “Ya Know Mon?”

Day 4 and 5 were wonderful as well chilled a little and hung closer to home. We mixed through West End Village and met many wonderful people, locals and from abroad.

This is a great place where you fit right in with most everybody speaking English. They are happy you are here and frequent their business while others will give a tour around neighborhoods without  expecting anything in return.

The highlight of the day was clearly these laughing birds. Not sure if they are parrots or a different tropical bird, but this was fun in Roatan Honduras

As we settled in to figuring out this beautiful island we immediately met many people from  the US and England and Canada. The woman yesterday was from Chicago and has been here 33 years. The young couple in Sundowners (the most famous bar in the Caribbean we heard) were from Washington State. It goes on and on.

West End, Roatan

We were thrilled to visit Eldens Mercado for groceries and find everything we are used to in Safeway at home. See more pictures…

On a recent fishing trip to the Florida Keys, we hustled through Miami International Airport and I walked past this cool stained (colored) glass  and had to grab this shot.

Let’s face it, smart phone cameras are very cool and allow the opportunity to never miss a shot.

Wandering around Bisbee, Arizona recently brought me to this store. I am not sure what kind of store it is but it was obviously very photogenic and perfect in my opinion for a grungy HDR.

Obviously whomever owns the store is an artist, so this artist photographed it to create something art-worthy of that artists work. Because it is s funky it makes the grungy look

Just stopped into the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas for a quick look at Dale Chihuly’s amazing glass art in the hotels lobby.


The art was totally awesome and I had to capture it on my iPhone. If you do not know who he is (where ya been?) you should learn more as this guy is the master of glass blowing. There was an awesome piece on PBS about him and how he works. Pure genius!

Me..I just captured his art on my phone and then played around on the computer and while I love what I captured, its Dales art! Here is his website.

I was on a walk, with camera in hand of course, when I discovered this door and entryway. It stands out very well and obviously I had to shoot it. I love the color contrasts that the painters chose. Everything snaps!

I tried various angles really skewing the lines and perspective and I like those, but keep coming back to this one-the first frame I shot.

This is the way of my ‘artists mind’ in that I like symmetrical and angles as they should be with everything in order. The skewed perspectives are cool and I will process those later, but am drawn to the straight looking down angle.

Maybe that will change later!